a plus option on your chest

Company introduction.

Our company, Merlin, is a company established in 14. Dec 2018 with breast pack for women. 

We have launched a brand “SUBUNI” to make more easily approachable to customers with the product, breast pack.

Our product is for healing and managing tired breast due to various undergarments, which has main functions such as moisturizing, beautifying, tightening, soothing the breast. 

Executives and staffs of Merlin have worked at cosmetics industry for several years and make sales plan with selecting marketing targets after grasping the trend and customer needs.  

We’ve already checked the purchase intention of owners of aesthetic shops in Gangnam Seoul only after sample test and 

Massage chains also shows hot response, they offered unit price for high-volume purchase.

To make it easier and cheaper for women to get breast management, which all women might consider, 

we’ve made breast pack focusing on accessibility and usability to lower the unit price but raise the efficacy. 

Like a mast pack, making the breast pack easy and simple to access it advantage and goal of our product.

Freedom and healing to women breast. 

This is a product that we designed it with our heart and soul to become a Must-have-item for managing breast of women in the world. 

We will try our best to promote and raise our product recognition from domestic to abroad as a startup enterprise.

Merlin CEO. Choi Seonhui